Friday, April 17, 2009


Aiden lost his 1st tooth yesterday & is so very excited to have joined 'The Big Boys Club of Toothless Grins'! Last night he packed the prized lost tooth in his tooth box and strategically placed it under his pillow. All the while asking questions...will she find it? Will she wake me up? Big brothers were quietly in their top bunk beds (same room) while we prepared for the Tooth Fairy and I thought they had already fallen asleep. When Aiden's last question came, "do you think she is driving in her car right now to come here, mom?" I heard big brother Ethan respond from the perch of his top bunk, "Yeah, Aiden, because it is a loooong drive here from her Tooth Palace..." Now, big brother has discovered 'the truth' about the Tooth Fairy and I was so touched by his tenderness to little brother in that moment. He made Aiden's 1st lost tooth experience so much more special because he shared the excitement and wonder. I love raising siblings and watching their tender hearts reach out in love for one another.

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