Monday, April 20, 2009


It's amazing how fast our baby boys are growing! I thank the Lord every day that I have not missed a minute of it! Joey started eating baby food with his cereal today - I think he approves!


I am so thankful for my husband and the man my kids call daddy. He is so cherished by our kids and they soak up every minute of 'daddy-time' they can get! We are entering a full round of sports at our house and 'Coach Daddy' is working very hard to manage practices and games for 2 baseball teams and a soccer team. A job he loves to do and I am so thankful for his dedication to our boys! Thanks for being so special 'Big Daddy' - we love you so much!

A Day in the Life...

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Here is a snapshot of our wonderful fun-filled day at the park on a 70 degree day last week...thank you Jesus for the sweetest things in life...

Friday, April 17, 2009


Aiden lost his 1st tooth yesterday & is so very excited to have joined 'The Big Boys Club of Toothless Grins'! Last night he packed the prized lost tooth in his tooth box and strategically placed it under his pillow. All the while asking questions...will she find it? Will she wake me up? Big brothers were quietly in their top bunk beds (same room) while we prepared for the Tooth Fairy and I thought they had already fallen asleep. When Aiden's last question came, "do you think she is driving in her car right now to come here, mom?" I heard big brother Ethan respond from the perch of his top bunk, "Yeah, Aiden, because it is a loooong drive here from her Tooth Palace..." Now, big brother has discovered 'the truth' about the Tooth Fairy and I was so touched by his tenderness to little brother in that moment. He made Aiden's 1st lost tooth experience so much more special because he shared the excitement and wonder. I love raising siblings and watching their tender hearts reach out in love for one another.

Monday, April 13, 2009


We enjoyed a wonderful Easter Sunday service & a relaxing day at home with family. Easter is the holiday that impacts me the most. I enjoy celebrating the birth of baby Jesus at Christmas, but Easter....Easter is where the story comes to life and penetrates my very soul. Easter - Jesus (the sinless man) was beaten, bruised, humiliated & nailed to a wooden cross...for me. He could have removed himself from the suffering, but He didn't because He loves me so much that He was willing to suffer and die to save me from my sins. That's my Savior. And on the 3rd day - He rose...He conquered death once for all & provided a way for me to enjoy eternity with my Jesus in Heaven.
I love to teach the Easter story to my children and I often remind them that the Easter story lives in our hearts every minute of every day as a constant reminder of God's steadfast love for us and His perfect plan of salvation. Jesus gave His life for me at Easter and each day I pray that God will help me to give my life back to Him to be used for His bring Him glory for being an awesome God.