Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Orphanology" Musings

It is summer time and I have been enjoying the leisure activity of reading (something unrelated to our homeschool subject matter) this past week. Thanks to the book, Orphanology, by Tony Merida & Rick Morton, I have been given the gift of weeping for the orphan many times this week. Summer is a down time for our orphan ministry and often a time of reflecting and planning for the upcoming year. The gift of weeping for the orphan ignites a passion that God has placed deep in my soul. Passion (the whisper/shout of the Lord) + Action (choosing to BE the hands & feet of Christ) = Life Change (hope renewed, the gospel lived out)

During the school year, it is difficult for me to find time to sit, ponder and process be still in the presence of the Lord and feel Him tug my heart. My days are filled with purpose and service to Him through my children, my husband, my patients, our orphan ministry...all good wonderful things. But, my soul grows hungry for time to be still with the Lord and bask in His presence. I crave time to think; without being rushed or preoccupied with the list of items (though necessary & good) begging to be completed in order to ensure that life runs smoothly. Sadly, that is the 'Martha' versus 'Mary' in me that I often pray to find a better balance between in my life.

Orphanology is a book about the theological basis for adoption and the responsibility of the church to respond to the orphan crisis. I will be blogging as the Lord speaks to me through this powerful book, but here is a quote to wet your palate...
"Jesus Christ alone had all the right qualifications to save us and make us children of God. Only Jesus was qualified to redeem and adopt me because only He is the God-man." I am adopted into God's family only through the death of my Savior, Jesus Christ, on the cross and my decision to accept Christ as my Savior. Without my adoption, I would be lost to sin and spend eternity in hell. Adopting children into loving families is the passion of my heart, but experiencing the love of a family here on earth pales in comparison to the gift of spending eternity in heaven. Fatherless children deserve to be adopted into christian homes ... they deserve the gift of eternal life...

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